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Dr. Irving is the most inspiring and knowledgeable Fitness – Wellness Coach I have worked with. – Anton Simms. Olympian and NBA Player.

Dr. Irving’s story is very powerful. He tells it in a gripping way. He demonstrates incredible knowledge that can help others. He shows passion, empathy and a great depth of caring. His program design is very comprehensive with a lot of content and benefits. It is clearly thought out. Lori MacDonald, Artist’s Advantage

I find when I listen to the audios, that you and your methods are giving me a sense of having a plan. That I am not alone. With these audios, I feel there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am taking my life back, I am taking control and I can and do deserve a life. A healthy life. Thank you Dr. Irving – Alise Thom.

It feels nice doing the MBPR; even when doing the negative because I can feel it leaving my reality because it feels like I am letting go. Letting go has been an issue in my life. The positive feels good as I write it. Knowing I’m going to keep it means I savor it and try to immerse myself in the words. It is nice that I can use this as a tool at any moment. – SK

Great stories. Amazing journey. I feel you have a lot of wisdom to impart and we saw just the tip of the iceberg. You are very genuine and believable on stage – Richard Chomko, Village Market.

I love doing your MBPR pain program. I find the writing up and throwing away very helpful. I do it at the end of the day. I write everything down on a pad next to my bed and throw it all away pretty quick. I rip it up because I don’t want to see it again. I put all the positive in a jar and it looks pretty. I can see how far I’ve come. I pour them out sometimes and read them and it feels great to see how far I’ve come. – Heather.

Dr. Irving’s visualization was perfect. I felt like listening to this session for a long long time. It was really soothing. I felt I could paint a picture of a rain forest. It is like my love of the garden that was a different world. If life can become relaxed like that it would be like heaven, so relaxed, so calm. It can be real. It can happen. Lots of people should hear this and it will make it happen for them like it did for me. – Rizwana Bagnal

Great presentation Dr. Irving! You have important knowledge to share! Great story! – Vasyl, Financial Planner, Save to Grow

Great Job! Positive – like your message. Your introductory story was memorable. Did a good job as a speaker. – Abib Abbas, TBP.

Very Informative. I learned quite a bit. – Mike Marson, TBP.

Dr. Irving is a deeply passionate practitioner and his desire to help his patients is evident in his presentations. He hits a lot of topics that are close to home and he is very inspiring.  – Nick Longo, TBP.

Knowledgeable, Passionate, Personal Experience, Confident, Good Closure. – Shafi Yakub, CGA, Accountant.

I had a transformation wash over me. A shame left that I had never been able to get rid of. I felt empowered. The change has been permanent. – J.R.

Great information, your story was engaging. From the beginning the talk was engaging and included everyone. Dr. Irving was genuine and confident in presenting. – Simone.

Your voice in pain management sessions is so calming and it soothes you, so I feel better. It feels as though you’re talking to me, not just anybody. – Brenda Stevens.

The sense of “belonging” is enormous. I have never felt so accepted and true to myself”.  – Participating Survivor/Artist

Excellent presentation. Very knowledgeable. A unique perspective… Compassionate. Engaging the audience and presented with humour. – Stephen.

Good Job. Very well done. Much blessings as you go forward! – Leithland.

I enjoyed your Passion very much – Not just the medical aspects, but also the emotional/spiritual aspects of heart “dis-ease”. Thank You for Sharing. – Connie Frantzke.