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Recent research is clarifying that there is a significant difference between the neuro-networks for chronic and acute pain in the brain. People have been told over and over that Chronic Pain is in their head without a specific explanation for how this occurs and without any concrete direction for how to overcome Chronic Pain that is active in the mind.

Michael Irving, Ph.D. has developed a revolutionary approach that appreciates Mind Based Chronic Pain is kept alive by Thoughts, Beliefs, Attitudes and Emotions. These are all conditions that the Chronic Pain sufferer has control over. Contrary to common belief, Mind Based Chronic Pain can be reduced and even eradicated. To extinguish the suffering of Chronic Pain it is important to recognize the difference between Acute Pain and Chronic Pain and to address Chronic Pain at its core level.

  • ACUTE PAIN is associated with tissue or structural injury that is still in the healing process and inhabits the somatic areas of the brain. The body needs time to heal.
  • CHRONIC PAIN develops with the accumulation of repetitive negative thoughts and message during short-term or prolonged acute injury. Chronic Pain lives in the area of the brain that creates and holds onto stories.
  • Mind Based Chronic Pain persists when: “Mindset” “The Core Story” and Mind-Body Connection” are ignored and avoided while pursuing physical causes long past the healing phase of the original injury.
  • Drugs, surgery, physical interventions are valuable and have a place and time BUT, they are poor authors of new stories.
  • To dissolve Chronic Pain, the pain related stories of the mind need to be acknowledged and rewritten.
  • The scientifically informed Mind Based Pain Repatterning Protocols (MBPR) can provide the tools to rewrite the stories that can reduce and eradicate Chronic Pain.
  • Dramatic shifts in Chronic Pain can be achieved through employing resiliency skills, mind-body tools and addressing thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes entrenched in their Chronic Pain.

Michael Irving, Ph.D. assures that we have reached a new paradigm in hope for eradicating Mind Based Chronic Pain at its core level with practical and easy to learn strategies and tools.

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