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Michael Irving, Ph.D.
Creator: MBPR System
(Mind Based Pain Repatterning)
is pleased to share his amazing
training resources with you.


A revolution is taking place in our understanding of the differences between injury-based pain and Mind-Based Chronic Pain. This is a paradigm shift that changes everything in our understanding of Chronic Pain and approaches to dealing with persistent long-term pain.

All pain is experienced in the brain.

Acute pain due to injury, pain due to malignancy or structural problems in the body are processed in the somatic regions of the brain.

A single difficult experience, and more often long periods of pain, can be associated with negative thoughts, beliefs, attitudes or emotions. These negative impressions of pain can find a home in the thought processing and emotional areas of the brain. These are the areas of the brain that make up and influence what we understand as the “Mind”.

Everything changes in identifying persistent long-term pain that is stored and activated in the thought and emotion areas of the brain as Mind-Based Chronic Pain. This is a paradigm shift that changes everything in regards to understanding and responding to persistent long-term pain.

The caring support of New Leaf Chronic Pain Center and clinicians trained in the MBPR (Mind-Based Pain Repatterning) System are ready to reach out a hand with amazing and comprehensive on-line resources and programs. Through the MBPR System you can learn to master practical and easy to employ resiliency skills and mind-body tools that will provide a bright shining ray of light at the end of the tunnel. Imagine what a difference it would make to have a caring MBPR System Certified Practitioner stand beside you as you master the tools and strategies to rise out of the pit of Chronic Pain. What is going to change inside of you and the world around you as you move into thriving with enjoyment, vitality, purpose and meaning throughout a vibrant life?

MBPR System Training: Wellness Track

MBPR System Training for Chronic Pain Sufferers

Learn to be In Control of Pain Reduction and Elimination

The MBPR System Wellness Track Training Program presents the MBPR System learning materials and resources with you as a Chronic Pain sufferer in mind. You will be provided training in practical and easy to implement strategies and tools to transform your experience of Chronic Pain. You will gain competencies in powerful tools and strategies for stress reduction, relaxation, personal transformation.

The Wellness Track will also assist you examining core issues with the result of deep resolution transformative change in areas of your inner and outer life influencing Chronic Pain or affected by Chronic Pain.

The MBPR System wellbeing skills and mind-body tools gained by Wellness Track Graduates will be practical and effective life-long skills to empower you in wellness and goal achievement far into the future.

What areas will I cover in the Chronic Pain sufferer MBPR System Training Wellness Track?

You will learn comprehensive pain reduction and elimination skills and strategies through 12 MBPR System Training Modules: Acute vs. Chronic Pain; Mind Based Pain Repatterning (MBPR); Confronting Pain Through Resiliency; Pain vs. Suffering: Letting Go of Regret and Dread; Introduction to Mind-Body Healing and Pain Relief; Breath Work in Pain Relief; Advanced Mind-Body Pain Management; Quick-Fix Pain Relief; Journaling Core Issues; Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Pain Relief Practices (MBSR); Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for Pain Repatterning; Achieving Freedom and Victory You Deserve. Details of what you will learn and the benefits of that learning for each of your 12 modules are covered below.

How will I receive my MBPR System Training Wellness Track learning materials and support resources?

Each Wellness Track module lasts two weeks and you will receive 7 packages of downloadable informational material and practical resources for pain relief, relaxation and development of an empowered and positive mindset. Over each two-week module you will receive:

  • One or Two Hour-Long Recorded Videos on the Module Theme and an Audio Version of the Videos.

  • Reminders and Support for Your Ongoing Activity with MBPR Protocol Writing or Core Process Writing.

  • Inspirational Passages/Quotes on Weekly Theme.

  • Open Access to MBPR System Wellness Track Facebook Mastermind Group.

  • Link to Two Module Live Q&A Webinars.

  • Follow-up Replay Video and Audio Recordings of Q&A Webinar.

  • A Comprehensive e-Book on Module Theme.

  • One or Two Audio Sessions for Relaxation that are Encoded with AudioStrobe (AS) for Play on Your Computer, Pad, Smart Phone or Advanced BrainTap Device.

  • One or Two Audio Sessions for Pain Reduction or Elimination that are Encoded with AudioStrobe (AS) for Play on Your Computer, Pad, Smart Phone or Advanced BrainTap Device.

  • Curriculum Writing Exercises on Weekly Theme.

  • Inspirational Passages/Quotes on Weekly Theme.

  • Regular Valuable Bonus Support Videos, Audios or e-Books.

What Materials Will I Receive Over the Achieve Freedom and Vitality Program?

You will receive 84 Daily Packages Delivered Online Including:

  • 12 1-Hour to 1½-Hour Module Videos

  • 12 1-Hour to 1½-Hour Module Audios

  • 12 Module e-Books

  • 12 Reflective Writing Exercises

  • 12 20-Minute Pain Relief BrainTap Audios

  • 8 20-Minute BrainTap Deep Relaxation Audios

  • 8 20-Minute Mindfulness For Chronic Pain Audios

  • 200 Inspirations for Overcoming Chronic Pain Cards

  • Introduction and Other Bonus Videos, Audios and e-Books

  • 6 Months Online Mastermind Group

  • 24 Live 1- to 1½-Hour Q&A Webinars

  • 24 Video and Audio Recordings of the 1- to 1½-Hour Q&A Webinars

  • 1 BrainTap Headset to enhance your experience with the BrainTap AudioStrobe encoded Audio Sessions.

What will be covered in the MBPR System Wellness Track Modules?

Module 1: Acute vs. Chronic Pain

  • Acute vs. Chronic Pain
    In this module you will learn the difference between acute pain and chronic pain; so you will understand why structure based physical and medical interventions are no longer resolving Chronic Pain after you have moved past the normal healing phase of an injury.

  • Chronic Pain Predispositions
    You will learn common conditions that make you vulnerable to chronic pain; so you can stop blaming yourself or feeling lost and confused as to why you developed Chronic Pain.

  • Geography of Pain
    You will learn how acute pain and Chronic Pain are processed in different brain regions; so you can be confident in using a mind based repatterning system to change your brain in order to change your pain.

  • Story-Based Foundation of Chronic Pain
    You learn that Chronic Pain is initially embedded and then keep active though negative pain associated stories; so you can effectively deal with Chronic Pain on the deep core level of thoughts, beliefs attitudes and feelings.

Module 2: Mind Based Pain Repatterning (MBPR)

  • Vanquish Pain Related Stories
    You will learn that for Chronic Pain to dissolve the pain related stories of the mind need to be acknowledged and rewritten; so you will have a path to vanquish the suffering of Chronic Pain.

  • MBPR Writing Protocols
    You will learn the practical and easy to employ MBPR Writing Protocols; so you will have a clearly defined system to retrigger and then erase core forces that created and hold on with the neural networks of chronic pain.

  • Identify, Process, Release and Repattern
    You will learn how to individualize you MBPR Writing Protocols; so you can identify, process, release and repattern your unique Chronic Pain stories.

  • Clear Negative Historical Messages:
    You will learn how to use MBPR Writing Protocols to process and resolve deep emotions and life scripts; so you can clear these core historical message that are affecting your life in ways beyond Chronic Pain.

Module 3: Confronting Pain Through Resiliency

  • A Complete Change of Mindset
    You will learn how the trauma-based mindset of 20th-century psychology overlooked the value and empowerment of life challenges; so you can be confident that an empowered outlook totally alters the meaning and experience the adversity of chronic pain.

  • Resiliency is a Learnable Skill
    You will learn the underlying premises that allow resilient people to more quickly overcome the adversity of pain: so that you can employ the easy to learn strategies of the resiliency model in addressing your chronic pain.

  • Eradicate Chronic Pain
    You will learn that when you take care of your mind and heart your body will take care of itself; so you can feel confident that practicing positive thinking and resiliency will lead you to be successful at eradicating chronic pain. The more confident you become at employing the resiliency model the greater you will excel and achieve in other areas of your life.

Module 4: Pain vs. Suffering: Letting Go of Regret and Dread

  • Pain vs. Suffering
    In this module you will learn the fundamental differences between pain and suffering; so you can directly deal with the mental and emotional burden that casts a dark shadow on pain

  • Regret and Dread
    You will learn how regret and dread are powerful forces behind suffering; so you can have a clear path to alleviating the distress and despair that is so often associated with persistent chronic pain.

  • Banish Regret and Dread
    You will learn the three effective approaches to extinguish regret and dread; so you can have clear strategies to detach suffering from pain.

  • Interventions to Eradicate Suffering
    You will learn practical and easy to implement tools and techniques that you can employ to remove regret and dread, so you can and successfully reduce and then alleviate suffering.

Module 5: Introduction to Mind-Body Healing and Pain Relief

  • Mind-Body Connection
    You will learn that the Mind-Body connection is a powerful force for joining the mind and body in pain relief and promoting health and wellbeing; so you will feel confident in employing Mind-Body tools and strategies to gain the greatest benefit wellness pain relief.

  • Mind-Body Interventions
    You will learn there is a remarkable array of Mind-Body interventions; so you can be more discerning in choosing Mind-Body tools and strategies that can serve your best.

  • Benefits of Mind-Body Practices
    You will learn common benefits of Mind-Body practices; so you will be inspired to employ Mind-Body tools and gain greatly from the positive potential of the Mind-Body connection.

Module 6: Breath Work in Pain Relief

  • Primal Breath
    You will learn that the deep belly breathing we are born with is replaced in most of us with shallow upper chest breathing that lacks life, vitality and many properties for health; so you will feel confident that in returning to the natural deep full breathing that was present at birth, you will be living with greater health and wellbeing.

  • Natural Breathing
    You will be introduced to breathing exercises that promote natural and proper breathing; so you can return to natural, full and healthy breathing.

  • Comprehensive Breathing Practices
    You will learn there are a remarkable array of more than 30 breathing techniques; so you can be more discerning in choosing breathing approaches and strategies that can serve you best in relaxation, calming and pain relief.

Module 7: Advanced Mind-Body Pain Management

  • Mind-Body Solutions
    In this module you will examine Mind-Body solutions where you will learn the underpinnings of engaging the Mind-Body connection, so you can make informed choices in employing Mind-Body solutions for confronting Chronic Pain.

  • Basic Guidelines
    You will look at Basic Guidelines for the use of Mind-Body Tools to trigger and enhance the Mind-Body response so you will gain the most out of employing Mind-Body tools and strategies for pain management and eradication.

  • Use Your Biopharmacy
    In considering the wonder of your personal biopharmacy you will learn Mind-Body techniques to trigger the brain and body’s natural biopharmacy of proteins and enzymes; so you can use these powerful neurotransmitters for pain relief, relaxation and activating feelings of peacefulness and calm.

  • Mind-Body Tools
    Through a deep dive into Mind-Body tools you will learn a host of practical and easy to implement Mind-Body techniques; so you will feel confident in using an impressive arsenal of Mind-Body tools and strategies to easily and successfully reduce and even alleviate pain.

Module 8: Quick-Fix Pain Relief

  • Change Your Mood Change Your Pain
    In this Module you will learn quick to employ Mind-Body techniques that instill positive thoughts and feelings, so you will have access to the power of positive feelings and positive mood in shutting down pain.

  • Mind-Body Interventions
    You will be introduced to quick and easy to implement Mind-Body techniques that trigger the brain’s natural calming and pain relieving proteins and enzymes; so you can instantly turn on your brain’s biopharmacy of powerful neurotransmitters for pain relief.

  • Benefits of Mind-Body Practices
    Through a deep dive into Quick Fix pain management tools you will learn a host of practical and quick to implement Mind-Body techniques; so you can get annoying pain and discomfort out of the way and get on with your day.

Module 9: Process Writing Core Issues

  • Process Writing
    Process writing is more powerful then journaling to identify, process, release and repattern core issues and conflicts associated with Chronic Pain.

  • Guidelines for Process Writing
    We will look at guidelines for process writing core issues with Chronic Pain so your work with these techniques will more effectively break the bonds with Chronic Pain on a deep level.

  • Understand Yourself and Your Pain Better
    In giving your body and your pain a narrative voice you will be able to understand yourself and your pain better.

  • Process Writing Techniques and Strategies
    We will look at specific process writing techniques and strategies that most effectively get to the root of core issues in a legacy of Chronic Pain.

Module 10: Mindfulness Practices in Pain Relief

  • An Innate Skill
    You will learn that Mindfulness opens the path to calm and peacefulness that is always present and always available inside of you, so you can have the confidence to pursue this powerful approach to reduce tension and gain pain relief.

  • Guidelines for Mindfulness
    You will learn the basic guidelines for Mindfulness practices, so you can most effectively employ this powerful tool for wellbeing and the relief of pain.

  • Learn 8 Mindfulness Practices
    You will learn 8 Mindfulness practiced that can relieve and even extinguish pain so you can adapt Mindfulness as you need to various circumstances in your life.

  • Mindfulness as a Way of Life
    You will learn strategies to insert Mindfulness in day-to-day living, so you can gain the benefits of Mindfulness as a way of life.

  • Gratitude and Loving Kindness
    You will learn the ways that mindfulness leads to gratitude and loving kindness,
    so you and others around you can enjoy a deeper and more meaningful life.

Module 11: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for Pain Repatterning

  • Gain Control Over Pain
    Through EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Training you are going to acquire an effective and easy to learn and employ structured, yet flexible transformation process; so you can successfully reduce and eradicate Chronic Pain.

  • Stress and Tension
    You will learn an quick and easy to employ intervention to identify, process, release and repattern stress and tension attached to Chronic Pain; so you can move into a life with more calm, peace and freedom.

  • Rewire Deep and Core Forces
    You are going to gain an ability to rewire an array of deep and core forces associated with Chronic Pain, so freedom in a vibrant and energetic body can be your destiny.

  • Pain and Emotions
    you will learn a powerful and practical solution that will disconnect and extinguish distressing emotions from Chronic Pain; so you can release yourself from negative and painful emotions of the past that embedded and continue to drive Chronic Pain today.

  • Achieve Transformation
    You will master a powerful technique to promote transformation in many areas in your personal and professional life, so you can achieve dreams and desires that you have been held back from by living with Chronic Pain and its limitations.

Module 12: Achieving Freedom and Victory You Deserve

  • Victory and Achievement
    In this module you will explore how what you have learned in the journey of understanding mastering control over Chronic Pain has provided adaptable gifts of wisdom and skills; so you can transform and rise to victory and achievement in other areas of your life.

  • Dreams and Desires
    You are going to identify limitations and restrictions that Chronic Pain has held you back form; so you can aspire to reach out and beyond the Chronic Pain shadow into the dreams and desires that bring you meaning and happiness.

  • Universal Transformation Tools
    You will examine specific ways in which you can adapt MBPR Writing Protocols, Journaling Core Issues, EFT and Separating Suffering from Pain; so you have the power to promote resolution and transformation in all areas of the wonderful life you choose to manifest.

  • Creating the Life You Deserve
    You will establish goals and strategies for applying a Resilient Outlook, Positive Thinking, Visualization, Mind-Body Tools and Strategies, Affirmations and a Mindful Way of Living across the spectrum of your life; so you can live the amazing quality of life you deserve.

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