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Michael Irving, Ph.D., Trainer/Coach: Marathon Running, Chronic Pain, Heart Wellness. - - - - - - He has worked as a psychotherapist with individuals, couples and groups from youth to seniors for more than 30 years. He has experience with marathon running, chronic pain, heart wellness, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), single incident trauma and youth and adult survivors of childhood trauma and counseling on life skills, anger management, dissociative disorders, ego state therapy, and career issues. He has led workshops on wellbeing and coping strategies, mindfulness and meditation, visualization and relaxation, mind/body integration, trauma therapy and art in therapy, pre and perinatal issues, project visioning and heart healthy lifestyles. - - - - - - Worked as a psychological assistant at Wings Neuro Rehab and Valentin and Blackstock Psychology, where he provided psychological and various cognitive assessments as well as treatment. He has served EAP and insurance referrals and given expert witness in court. - - - - - - He has lectured on such diverse subjects as marathon running, chronic pain, heart wellness, psychotherapy techniques, PTSD, childhood sexual abuse, community arts, art as healing, dissociation and DDIS, heart healthy lifestyles and art therapy. He has conducted local and national child abuse awareness campaigns. - - - - - - He has taught in college, adult education, elementary schools and nursery school settings. He has published journal articles and poetry. He has been written about and had his community work and art featured in newspapers, films, medical magazines and on radio and television. - - - - - - Irving has a strong focus on participation in the community. For over twenty years he has served on numerous school committees including: conflict resolution, policy development, staff hiring and extensive in-class volunteering. He served as Artistic Director/Executive Director of a community arts and social healing initiative, The Child Abuse Survivor Monument Project, where he provided supervision and support to on-site volunteers. He received Stand Up for Kids Award and an Eagle Feather for work with the protection of children. - - - - - - Irving has produced stone, bronze, resin and steel sculptures. He has been exhibited in group and solo shows at public and private galleries, libraries, universities and psychology and medical conferences. Irving has won international awards for stone and woodcarving. He has sculpture in private and corporate collections internationally.
Mind-Body tools and resiliency skills for wellbeing and quality of life.

Mind-Body Connection

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