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Advanced Track to Conquering Chronic Pain

  • Have you lived with Chronic Pain for years?
  • Does it feel like there is no hope?
  • Would you like help to cope with persistent pain?

You do not need to continue to suffer.

The Advanced Track to Conquering Chronic Pain package provides you with a remarkably broad assortment of powerful tools to empower you in taking charge of winning the battle against your Chronic Pain.

In the Advanced Pain Relief Package you will receive 15 remarkable webinars that will give you confidence that you can be in charge of Gaining Control Over Chronic Pain.  You will learn the foundations of Resiliency in Chronic Pain Management and will have those skills to conquer any adversity to comes into your life. You will be introduced to powerful Mind-Body Healing and Pain Regulation strategies that will make you a winner in gaining vibrancy and energy. You will be introduced to skills that will undo the vicious cycle of Chronic Pain and Emotional Distress. You will be given Stress Reduction and Relaxation tools so that every day and every way you can expect to be better and better. After watching and participating along with 10 videos on using the powerful approach of Emotional Freedom Technique tapping you will have mastered one of the effective interventions for for dealing with transforming chronic pain and the emotional and relationship problems that are presented by persistent pain.

Added to this will be Dr. Irving’s personally designed 33 Pain Relief and Stress Management Audio Sessions.  Freedom From Pain. You will be able to use Quick Pain Fix audio sessions any time of the day at work, at home or in returning to your social and leisure life. A comprehensive set of Progressive Relaxation audios will help you gain the pain relief that come with deep relaxation. You will receive a series of Sleep audios . Loving Kindness Meditation and Gratitude audios will provide you with one of the most powerful ancient techniques to gain peace, calm and resolution of pain. Dr. Irving’s voice on audio sessions for Mind-Body Tools for Pain Management will be available as a guide to help you practice and internalize always readily available techniques that can assure you of pain relief

Two e-Books will help you to better understand and employ Mind-Body Pain Relief strategies and Progressive Relaxation to reduce stress and gain control over pain.

Conquer Pain NOW!

Advanced Track To Conquering Chronic Pain

  • 1 ½ hr. Webinar: Gaining Control Over Chronic Pain – $129.00
  • 1 hr. Webinar: Resiliency in Chronic Pain Management – $129.00
  • 2 hr. Webinar: Mind-Body Healing and Pain Regulation – $197.00
  • 1 hr. Webinar: Chronic Pain and Emotional Distress – $129.00
  • 1 hr. Webinar: Stress Reduction and Relaxation – $129.00
  • Webinar Series: EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for Resolving Chronic Pain: 10 videos – $870.00
  • 8 Audio Sessions: Freedom From Pain – $200.00
  • 7 Audio Sessions: Quick Pain Fix – $105.00
  • 10 Audio Sessions: Progressive Relaxation – $250.00
  • 4 Audio Sessions: Sleep – $100.00
  • 4 Audio Sessions: Loving Kindness Meditation and Gratitude – $100.00
  • Audio Book: Mind-Body Tools for Pain Management – $27.00
  • E-Book on Mind-Body Pain Relief – $27.00
  • E-Book on Progressive Relaxation – $27.00

Total Value: $2,071.00

$2,071.00 Value for only $897.00

Advanced Track To Conquering Chronic Pain

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