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Help Stop My Chronic Pain


Are you tormented by Chronic Pain? Have you had pain for longer than 3 to 9 months? Have you felt paralyzed in life by ongoing pain?

Have you been losing sleep because you can’t get comfortable? Do you worry about financial and life losses as a result of having to take time off of work because you just couldn’t handle it?

Do your pain related circumstances feel like an endless struggle?

Do you desperately need to get your body and mind back on track?

Are you frustrated by the frequent inability of physical, medical and pharmacological interventions to extinguish the suffering of long-term Chronic Pain?

As Offered in the
Bronte Villager, Winter 2018
(limited to first 20 people)

Have you felt at a loss while trying to find an adequate “professional” response, leaving you puzzled, afraid, confused? Do you even feel betrayal when the specific physical/anatomical cause to your ongoing long-term pain cannot be identified? Do you sense it has some roots in the mind, but no one has given you an adequate diagnostic label or satisfactory solution?

If you answered a resounding “yes” to any of these questions, you are not alone. You share some common dilemmas with the more than 100 million Chronic Pain sufferers in North America who are restricted from living their lives to the fullest and are desperate for an effective solution.

Whether it starts as injury pain, muscular pain, skeletal pain, neuropathic pain, joint pain, nociceptive pain, somatic pain, low back pain, visceral pain or traumatic experience pain, with time any of these can become chronic pain.

New Leaf Chronic Pain Centre

100 Million North American
Chronic Pain Sufferers
Are Seeking An Effective Solution

Are you ready to receive
the learning and resources
that will empower you with
tools, techniques and strategies
Mind-Based Chronic Pain

When pain has been around long-term past the time of physical/structural healing it becomes identified as chronic pain. When the body should be healed the root cause of Chronic Pain can be elusive or at best murky.

There is a significant cause of post-healing Chronic Pain that is being discovered, acknowledged and accepted. It can be best described as “Mind-Based Chronic Pain”. Solutions to mind-based pain are also being recognized and refined. Groundbreaking practical interventions for mind-based pain repatterning and resolution from New Leaf Chronic Pain Center are within your ability to learn, master and effectively employ.

If you are suffering with mind-based Chronic Pain it is not because you are “crazy”. It is not because it is your fault. It is time to stop blaming yourself or the universe and time to start feeling hope.

There are thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and emotions that embed and then go on to drive mind-based Chronic Pain long past the normal healing phase of an injury. The MBPR System (Mind-Based Pain Repatterning) was specifically designed to empower you with an understanding your mind-based Chronic Pain on a core level and to put you in charge of the tools, strategies and resources to transform what has been elusive for far too long.

As Offered in the
Bronte Villager, Winter 2018

New Leaf Chronic Pain Center

Persistent Floating
Chronic Pain

Michael Irving, Ph.D. knows first hand what it is like to be in your shoes. Like many Chronic Pain sufferers, pain’s ugly face migrated about his body, at various times residing in one area of the body, then showing up in another area — low back, upper back, neck, knees, hips, shoulders, painfully sore feet, or as migraines, bursitis or tendonitis. At times Chronic Pain left him debilitated, bedridden, yet sleep-deprived, exhausted and using a cane, crutches, an arm sling or wrist braces. Chiropractic, physiotherapy, medication, cortisone shots, acupuncture, heat and ice, brought some relief. Other times nothing seemed to be able to turn off the valve flooding Chronic Pain into his life.

The Chronic Pain shadow no longer haunts Michael. He can wake up after a good night’s sleep, feel comfortable sitting in a chair or walking around the house. He loves the freedom and vibrancy he gets to experience in his body. He looks forward to getting outdoors and even doing some marathon training. To celebrate turning 65-years-old he even ran five 26 mile marathons in 12 weeks. Michael’s pain management skills were certainly put to the test in his personal marathon challenge.

Following your MBPR System Wellness Track Training, we at New Leaf Chronic Pain Center do not expect you to be out running marathons. We do believe that great achievements are on the horizon when you begin learning and using the MBPR System Training. It is time for you to place reaching for your big dreams and passions back into a prominent position in your life.

As a mind-based Chronic Pain sufferer, you will be taking your skill level with mind-body tools and resiliency skills into a rewarding all-new dimension of empowerment. Through MBPR Protocols you will gain competency at identifying, processing, releasing and repatterning core forces driving mind-based Chronic Pain. If you suffer from mind-based Chronic Pain, MBPR System training will provide much-deserved relief and greater vitality and freedom in so many areas of your life.

Dr. Michael Irving, Ph.D. Lead Trainer New Leaf Chronic Pain Center at Toronto Marathon

Marathon Achievement Through
Advanced Pain Management
Tools and Strategies of New Leaf Chronic Pain Center

CREATING THE REMARKABLE MBPR SYSTEM (Mind-Based Pain Repatterning System)

Recognizing that Chronic Pain is highly influenced by thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and feelings Michael Irving, Ph.D. moved forward with groundbreadking and effective interventions to deal with Chronic Pain on the level of the mind. With solid verification that a specific, yet flexible, set of interventions were leading to amazing results, he created the remarkable MBPR (Mind Base Pain Repatterning) System. MBPR System strategies and interventions address the unique core root of mind-based Chronic Pain.

Through the MBPR System, Michael Irving, Ph.D. is providing a systematic approach employing powerful breakthrough exercises and strategies to throw away old pain-focused stories. The MBPR System employed by New Leaf Chronic Pain Center allows Chronic Pain sufferers to turn a new leaf for rewriting positive stories that vanish the core forces in mind-based Chronic Pain. The MBPR System is giving people the freedom that comes from reversing and in many cases completely extinguishing a history of mind-based Chronic Pain. The MBPR System incorporates solution-focused techniques, tools, skills and resources that are easy to learn and implement for gaining control over the suffering and limitations of mind-based Chronic Pain.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s a testimonial from one of our incredible success stories. Paul Tobey is the CEO & Lead Trainer of Training Business Pros. During one of his presentations, a student remarked how great Paul looked since the last time they had been in training together.  In fact, not long before Paul had barely been able to walk. But after a specific, easy to implement, training program in MBPR Protocols his decade of mind-based Chronic Pain completely abated and did not return. With Michael Irving in attendance at one of Paul’s business training seminars, Paul shared his Chronic Pain recovery story. You can see it for yourself in the following video:

This testimonial represents an individual experience of a person who employed MBPR techniques and exercises.
These are individual results and are not necessarily representative of all of those who will use the resiliency skills and mind-body tools that are taught in our trainings.

Leave Pain Behind:
Walk Into a New Reality

Freedom and independence in a vibrant body are achievable for you. If mind-based Chronic Pain has been a dark shadow, you do not have to forego reaching dreams of special life achievements that you so deserve in a body that feels free and vibrant.”

Inside of you is a drive yearning to move beyond the dreadful suffering and limitations that Chronic Pain delivers. Mind-based Chronic Pain can be greatly reduced, and even ended using Mind-based Pain Repatterning.

The fundamental conditions driving persistent Mind-Based Chronic Pain are basic and understandable. The story-making properties of the mind that incorporate thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and emotions are at the core of mind-based Chronic Pain. These forces need to be identified and rewritten.

To do this work you need practical and effective tools and strategies that are easy to learn and employ. The MBPR System (Mind-Based Pain Repatterning) outlined in the breakthrough book, “TRAIN YOUR BRAIN TO END CHRONIC PAIN” attacks mind-based Chronic Pain from a variety of fronts.

These approaches can put you in the driver’s seat in reducing and erasing mind-based Chronic Pain. Rather than a clinical treatment program, the MBPR System provides a holistic mind-based approach that addresses what is continually missed in medical, pharmaceutical, and physical interventions.

To do this work you need an understanding of the difference between acute pain and mind-based Chronic Pain so that you can feel confident and motivated in pursuing a new path. MBPR exercises provide you with a means of identifying and addressing your concerns so you can take charge of addressing mind-based Chronic Pain.

The MBPR System program goes deep into the mindset that significantly influences mind-based Chronic Pain. The program helps you understand mindsets influencing the mind, and provides you with tools and strategies to identify and repattern your specific and unique pain-associated mindsets. Changing mindsets influencing mind-based Chronic Pain has a bonus of promoting achievement in other areas of your life.

The MBPR System program teaches extensive mind-body tools and strategies, which will provide practical and effective skills for reducing pain. Quite importantly, when you gain an ability to control and change pain, you more fully appreciate that the mind has a great influence on pain. Knowing that YOU can control pain enhances the effectiveness of repatterning mind-based Chronic Pain.

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Are You A Health Care Practitioner?
Put An End To Your Client’s Mind-Based Chronic Pain
With Training in New Leaf Chronic Pain Center’s Acclaimed Programs

If you have clients who are at the end of their rope, and ready to try just about anything to do away with their pain, consider taking action by learning advanced “Stop My Pain” Strategies. Your next step is to sign up for a free webinar MBPR System Training – Achieve Freedom and Vitality: Say Goodbye to Chronic Pain with New Leaf Chronic Pain Center’s Lead Trainer, Michael Irving, Ph.D.

MBPR System Certification

The Mind-Based Pain Repatterning (MBPR) System is at the leading edge of the field. At New Leaf Chronic Pain Center we do not train just anyone, we want to see success and achievement. So, we only commit our time and skills to those who are willing to commit to investing in themselves in order to more effectively serve their clients.

If you’re interested in getting started today to improve your skill level and your income potential, you can take action by watching a Free One-Hour Webinar. You can decide if you are willing to go the distance in understanding the re-writing of the core forces that have created and are holding on to mind-based Chronic Pain. Our Advanced MBPR System training program is intensive and effective. At New Leaf Chronic Pain Center we enjoy working with passionate clinicians and enjoy witnessing amazing results.

Do You Work with Clients Who Have Suffered
With Chronic Pain for Far Too Long?
Are You Ready to Train in How to Help Them?

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For more than 30 years Michael Irving, Ph.D. provided clinical supervision to health care professionals working with Chronic Pain, trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, anxiety, Dissociative Identity Disorder and a wide variety of somatic ailments. He has been able to assist other clinicians in developing their own skills and service offerings. The training and coaching of Mind-Based Pain Repatterning (MBPR) System at New Leaf Chronic Pain Center developed out of his extensive experience in providing treatment, supervision and teaching.

If you are ready to work with someone who has delivered extensive workshops on Chronic Pain visualization, hypnosis, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), mind/body integration, solution-focused interventions, writing in therapy and art in therapy, claim your complimentary free webinar MBPR System Training – Achieve Freedom and Vitality: Saying Goodbye to Chronic Pain.

At New Leaf Chronic Pain Center we are on the leading edge of helping Chronic Pain Sufferers by training Health Care Professionals in Mind-Based Pain Repatterning interventions. You too can become a highly sought after MBPR System Health Care Professional who is providing relief to your Chronic Pain Clients.

Michael Irving, Ph.D., lead trainer of New Leaf Chronic Pain Center provides: MBPR System Pain Relief Training for Health Care Professionals

Increase your skills and competencies for providing pain relief services to your patients. MBPR (Mind-Based Pain Repatterning) System training will result in you and your clinic standing out amongst your peers for excelling at helping patients manage and overcome pain issues. You can greatly expand your practice by completing a comprehensive MBPR System Certification program at New Leaf Chronic Pain Center that will provide you with a wealth of resources and skills to help your patients manage and even completely eradicate their Chronic Pain.

Become one of the leaders in your field and be known as
“The Go To Professional” who is MBPR System Certified.

Who is the MBPR System Certification for?

Clinicians wanting an advanced level of competency in reducing and eliminating Chronic Pain: chiropractors, acupuncturists, pain management practitioners, pain clinic staff, physiotherapists, alternative health practitioners, e-counselors, life coaches, naturopaths, psychotherapists, mental health counselors, CBT therapists, psychologists, trauma therapists, nurses, medical doctors, surgeons, occupational therapists, social workers, massage therapists, body workers, energy workers, personal trainers, sports therapists and coaches.

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The Intensive  MBPR System Training Program of New Leaf Chronic Pain Center consists of twelve training modules in four core areas that are demanding, yet allow you to learn at your own pace via webinars, video/audio series, e-books, a mastermind group, one-on-one private coaching and supplemental curriculum materials.

What Will I Learn?

1 – Hope and Gaining Control: Changing the Mindsets that Embed and Drive Mind-Based Chronic Pain Modules

2 – Easy to Employ Self-Directed Interventions to Reduce and Even Erase Mind-Based Chronic Pain Modules

Expect that through this MBPR System training module area you will gain skills to change the thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that anchor your patients to the long-term legacy of the burden of suffering from Mind-Based Chronic Pain. You will more specifically understand the nature of how structurally and physically based acute pain becomes wired into themes and messages as mind-based Chronic Pain.

Michael Irving, Ph.D. has been immersed in the fields of education, healing, transformation and personal growth for 45 years. In providing training and supervision to clinicians and through direct clinical work he specialized in empowering clients suffering from PTSD, severe emotional trauma and somatic pain. With his years of experience, his MBPR System training synthesizes a wide range of effective transformative and positive reframing modalities. He is impassioned at providing solution-focused approaches  at New Leaf Chronic Pain Center to provide relief to those burdened by Chronic Pain.

Michel Irving, Ph.D. developed the MBPR System as a practical and easy to learn methodology for re-patterning mind-based Chronic Pain by addressing the forces that initially embedded and then continue to drive the tragic suffering of Chronic Pain. The modules in this MBPR System series inform and refocus the Chronic Pain associated thoughts, beliefs and attitudes to provide a foundation for hope and empowerment in gaining control over persistent Chronic Pain. This repatterning leads to your patients living with courage and enthusiasm in a vibrant and empowered life.

In this MBPR System training module series of New Leaf Chronic Pain Center, you will learn concrete and tangible information to assist you in transforming the negative beliefs and response patterns that lead your client to a limiting and destructive relationship with the suffering of Chronic Pain.  You will develop a working understanding of the critical differences between acute and Chronic Pain that can provide your patients with positive hope and the empowerment of a specific destination to reduce and eliminate Chronic Pain. You will gain an appreciation of the resiliency response model and how it applies to conquering the burden of Chronic Pain. You will learn clear and practical strategies to assist your patients in detaching suffering from pain so they can alleviate the distress and despair that is so often associated with persistent Chronic Pain.

Identify, Process, Release, Repattern: You will gain confidence and comfort in your ability to serve Chronic Pain clients by acquiring effective tools for assisting your clients in dramatically changing the legacy of persistent pain by re-writing the core stories that embedded and now drive their Chronic Pain.

For more than four decades Michael Irving, Ph.D. has been immersed in developing practical and easy to employ tools to address the mental, emotional and somatic impact of trauma, pain and adversity. He has had a passion for creating, adapting, and refining therapist-assisted and client-directed interventions and exercises. By means of observation of direct implementation and follow-up research he has worked at refining techniques and strategies through which the underlying forces of a client’s condition can be Identified, Processed, Released and Repatterned. Over the past decade, these resourceful tools and systems have been strategically consolidated into the MBPR System of New Leaf Chronic Pain Center.

You can gain a proficiency at the implementation of practical tools, techniques and protocols to employ in order for your patients to proceed with effective pain reduction and eradication of Chronic Pain. You will learn how these resources can assist you in providing the means for your clients to identify the negative thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that originally embedded and now perpetuate Chronic Pain.

You will gain an appreciation that for Chronic Pain to dissolve, the pain related stories of the mind need to be acknowledged and rewritten. You will learn specific proven approaches for identifying and “listening” to the core stories casting the shadow of Chronic Pain over your patient’s lives. You will gain skills to help your patients  overcome Chronic Pain associated emotional suffering so that they can permanently leave the vicious suffering of the pain/distress cycle behind.

In this MBPR System training module, you will learn: Advanced approaches of MBPR (Mind-Based Pain Repattering) Protocols that are clear, fast and direct for Identification, Processing, Releasing and Repatterning the message and themes attached to Chronic Pain; How Process Writing Core Issues with Chronic Pain addresses deep and historic material and the easy to implement EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for reducing and eliminating Chronic Pain and other life problems.

3 – Engage the Power of the Mind-Body Connection: Effective Tools and Techniques to Control Chronic Pain

4 – Stress Reduction, Relaxation and Grounding Practices to Quiet and Even Eliminate the Suffering of Chronic Pain

You will gain an advanced understanding and competency for employing the mind-body connection for pain reduction and elimination. The goal of this MBPR System training area is to give you the skills to help your patient go from feelings of uncertainty and dis-empowerment to a place where they can deeply commit to the process of using mind-body tools to manage, control and even extinguish pain.

The mind-body connection has become well accepted in society in the promotion of health and healing. One of the most validating areas to quickly and dramatically observe the powerful and effective results of employing the mind-body connection is in the area of pain reduction and elimination.

Your pain patients are seeking effective and practical-to-employ Mind-Body tools.

This MBPR System training module of New Leaf Chronic Pain Center takes a deep dive into the amazing inter-connection between body and mind. You will learn practical easy to master exercises your patients can utilize to achieve competency with Mind-Body tools and strategies to relieve the Chronic Pain cycle. You will master specific approaches for regulating and extinguishing pain through visualization, refocusing, self-managed positive dissociation and hypnagogic techniques.

In this module, you will learn a comprehensive overview of the Mind-Body healing, including: What is Mind-Body Healing and Regulating Pain, Creative Visualization, Pain and Self Hypnosis, Pain Management Through Creating Distance, Pain Management Through Changing Focus, Pain Management and Healing Through Changing Location and Time, Pain Management Self-Regulation and Quick-Fix Any Time of Day Pain Management. You will also gain competency in the use of mind-body tools to deal with emotional distress, irritability and anger, sleep and promoting feelings of peacefulness and calm.

You will learn the pathways to the calm and peacefulness that is always available inside your clients. You will gain confidence in your ability to direct clients to reduce tension, increase the relaxation response and connect with the infinite inner wisdom of nonjudgmental acceptance, calm and well-being.

You will learn effective techniques to trigger the relaxation response and to assist your patients with reaching a deeper level of calm and peacefulness. These skills are important for all aspects of life and are important for basic pain management and are absolutely imperative for completely eradicating Chronic Pain. You will learn that you can teach your patients that a place of relaxation and calm is a more powerful state in which to imprint positive patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that help them to rebuild “their more ideal story”.

In this module, you will learn effective and easy to teach strategies and approaches for grounding, stress reduction, relaxation and anchoring in states of comfort and pleasure; employing breathing techniques for pain relief, the use of breath to access and empower the mind-body connection; mindfulness meditation practices though the mindful body scan, mindfulness of sound, taste, and environment and mindfulness as a way of life to eliminate pain and promote calm, peacefulness and wellbeing. You will also gain competency at employing lovingkindness and gratitude to relieve pain and promote wellbeing.

Michael Irving, Ph.D., lead trainer of New Leaf Chronic Pain Center assists high achievers, professionals, entrepreneurs, business leaders and marathon runners with stress management and relaxation and with resolving conflicts and barriers that inhibit achievement. Most clinicians find that the stress reduction, relaxation learned in this module not only serves their clients, but also provides effective strategies and practices for well-being in a busy, successful professional life.

Your Twelve Modules Will Include:

  • Module 1: Acute vs. Chronic Pain

  • Module 2: Mind-Based Pain Repatterning (MBPR)

  • Module 3: Confronting Pain Through Resilience

  • Module 4: Pain vs. Suffering: Letting Go of Regret and Dread

  • Module 5: Introduction to Mind-Body Healing and Pain Relief

  • Module 6: Breath Work in Pain Relief

  • Module 7: Advanced Mind-Body Pain Management

  • Module 8: Quick-Fix Pain Relief

  • Module 9: Journaling Core Issues

  • Module 10: Mindfulness Practices in Pain Relief

  • Module 11: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for Pain Repatterning

  • Module 12: Achieving the Freedom and Victory You Deserve in Your Life

Certification Outcomes

  • You will have gained a powerful communication strategy to help your patients understand their Mind-Based Chronic Pain and learn how to follow through in their healing and empowerment journey.

  • You will understand the mind-set fundamentals that will assist your clients in moving out of the suffering of Chronic Pain and into a life of freedom and vibrancy.

  • You will have a practical methodology and the tools and exercises to help your patients manage Chronic Pain and even eventually alleviate it.

  • You will have an arsenal of strategies and approaches to promote relaxation and stress reduction in your clients.

  • You will be transformed and develop professionally and personally.

  • You will have an MBPR Certification from New Leaf Chronic Pain Center acknowledging your upgrade in education for effective Mind-Body tools to manage and eradicate Chronic Pain.

  • With this MBPR Certification, you will remain on the cutting edge of the newest developments of Mind-Body tools for eradicating Chronic Pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Time Do I Need to Invest?

This is approximately 80 hours of learning. You can learn in a live, in person or on-line format; course work and resources will be provided through recorded videos and audios and e-books and PDF materials will reinforce and supplement your advanced learning. Learning can take place on your own schedule in the comfort of your home or office.

Is There An Exam?

YES. There is an exam which can take between 2 and 3 hours. This exam is scheduled following the last day of your Advanced Training. You will talk to our team to schedule your MBPR Certification Exam.

What is My Investment For The Tuition?

Tuition is $7,500.00 USD. As professional development, training can fall under a taxable deduction. Please talk to your accountant about details for writing your training and certification off as a business expense.

Do I Qualify To Take Part In This Certification?

We do not accept everyone. Please book your Free One-Hour Webinar to initiate to process to see if you are a good fit for this valuable program. You will than be directed to the next step in your application process. Push Here for a 15-Minute Call that will Start Your Process.

– Testimonials –

Dr. Irving’s story is very powerful. He tells it in a gripping way. He demonstrates incredible knowledge that can help others. He shows passion, empathy and a great depth of caring. His program design is very comprehensive with a lot of content and benefits. It is clearly thought out.
Lori MacDonald, Artist’s Advantage
Great stories. Amazing journey. I feel you have a lot of wisdom to impart and we saw just the tip of the iceberg. You are very genuine and believable on stage.
Richard Chomko, Village Market
I love doing your MBPR pain program. I find the writing up and throwing away very helpful. I do it at the end of the day. I write everything down on a pad next to my bed and throw it all away pretty quick. I rip it up because I don’t want to see it again. I put all the positive in a jar and it looks pretty. I can see how far I’ve come. I pour them out sometimes and read them and it feels great to see how far I’ve come.
Great presentation Dr. Irving! You have important knowledge to share! Great story!
Vasyl, Financial Planner, Save to Grow
Great Job! Positive – like your message. Your introductory story was memorable. Did a good job as a speaker.
Abib Abbas, TBP
Very Informative. I learned quite a bit.
Mike Marson, TBP
Dr. Irving is a deeply passionate practitioner and his desire to help his patients is evident in his presentations. He hits a lot of topics that are close to home and he is very inspiring.
Nick Longo, TBP
It feels nice doing the MBPR; even when doing the negative because I can feel it leaving my reality because it feels like I am letting go. Letting go has been an issue in my life. The positive feels good as I write it. Knowing I’m going to keep it means I savour it and try to immerse myself in the words. It is nice that I can use this as a tool at any moment.

Knowledgeable, Passionate, Personal Experience, Confident, Good Closure.

Shafi Yakub, CGA, Accountant
I had a transformation wash over me. A shame left that I had never been able to get rid of. I felt empowered. The change has been permanent.
Great information, your story was engaging. From the beginning the talk was engaging and included everyone. Dr. Irving was genuine and confident in presenting.
Your voice in pain management sessions is so calming and it soothes you, so I feel better. It feels as though you’re talking to me, not just anybody.
Brenda Stevens

The sense of “belonging” is enormous. I have never felt so accepted and true to myself.

Participating Survivor/Artist
Good Job. Very well done. Much blessings as you go forward!
Dr. Irving is the most inspiring and knowledgeable Fitness and Wellness Coach I have worked with.
Anton Simms, Olympian and NBA Player
Dr. Irving’s visualization was perfect. I felt like listening to this session for a long long time. It was really soothing. I felt I could paint a picture of a rain forest. It is like my love of the garden that was a different world. If life can become relaxed like that it would be like heaven, so relaxed, so calm. It can be real. It can happen. Lots of people should hear this and it will make it happen for them like it did for me.
Rizwana Bagnal
I find when I listen to the audios, that you and your methods are giving me a sense of having a plan. That I am not alone. With these audios, I feel there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am taking my life back, I am taking control and I can and do deserve a life. A healthy life. Thank you Dr. Irving.
Alise Thom
Very passionate presentation! I learned a lot from your speech. The information was presented in an easy to understand manner. Thank you!
I enjoyed your Passion very much – Not just the medical aspects, but also the emotional/spiritual aspects of heart “dis-ease”. Thank You for Sharing.
Connie Frantzke

The testimonials presented reflect real life experiences of the individuals depicted, cannot be guaranteed, and should not be considered typical.
We do not claim that they are necessarily representative of all of those who will use our products and/or services.

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